Why Do Some Have More Cellulite Than Others?

You may have noticed that some people have a lot lot more cellulite than others- and often this can be counter intuitive- often those with the worst cellulite are people who you wouldn’t expect. We even see skinny young actresses with terrible cellulite. This probably has you wondering why it happens like this…

First off, to completely understand this phenomena you need to understand that there are different levels of cellulite:

Minor – A minor case of cellulite is the lowest phase of all. The cellulite that one has during this phase can only be seen when your skin is pinched with your fingers. Otherwise, it’s not really that visible.

Mild – When you have a mild case of cellulite it can’t be seen when you’re standing up. In fact, the only time that you can see the cellulite during this phase is when you’re sitting down.

Moderate – A moderate case of cellulite means that it can be easily seen. In most cases, the cellulite is only found on the butt, thighs, and back.

Severe – This is simply the worst case of cellulite that you can get. It’s always visible by the naked eye, it has no certain places on the body where it can be found, and when pressure is applied on the cellulite in this phase it becomes rather painful.

The causes and reasons for the progression of cellulite from one stage to the next are numerous, and require a more in depth understanding of the causes of cellulite. However, the basic reason is that many of the processes that cause cellulite go on without being obvious or visible and even if one leads a relatively healthy lifestyle, the combination of one or two of these factors can quickly lead to cellulite formation. And once begun, not only is it more difficult to remove (prevention is always better than cure, afterall) but these causes can feed into other aggravating factors.

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