Cellulite Treatments

As the recent spate of celebrity cellulite revelations has shown, cellulite strikes women of all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. Luckily, though, there are a lot of different cellulite treatments available to help you minimise that ugly cottage cheese look on your thighs, hips and buttocks. While some of these fixes can be performed at home, many of the most effective ones are only available from salons and slimming centres. And why not take the opportunity to indulge in some pampering and relaxation at the hands of a qualified beauty therapist or medical aesthetics practitioner while improving your appearance?

Nothing is More Effective At Beating Cellulite

It’s true. Ignore the myths being pedalled by the beauty industry, cellulite is easily treatable with careful planning and a small amount of effort. You don’t need to spend a small fortune on creams, lotions or spa sessions and you’ll benefit your overall health and wellbeing.

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Here’s a rundown of some of the most widely used professional cellulite treatments:

Liposuction: While liposuction is arguably not an entirely relaxing experience given that it’s an invasive treatment, it is an effective way to reduce your cellulite. You’ll need to go to a cosmetic surgeon, who’ll give you a local or general anaesthetic before making a series of incisions and inserting a cannula to hoover up a small area of fat from each one. You should expect to have pain, swelling and bruising in the treatment area for several days or weeks afterwards, but you will be able to banish some of your unsightly fat dimples with just one treatment.

Mesotherapy: This is classified as a semi-invasive treatment, and has to be preformed by a medical practitioner. The doctor injects a cocktail of enzymes, herbs, vitamins and other substances into your mesoderm (the middle layer of skin) in several places where cellulite is present. The needles tend to be small, so you shouldn’t feel too much pain during the procedure. You might see some swelling and bruising afterwards, but only for a day or two. You will need a couple of mesotherapy treatments a week for 4-8 weeks to see real results, though, and you’ll probably want to repeat the regime once a year to maintain your new look.

Electro-mesotherapy: If you’re squeamish about needles you can still enjoy all the benefits of mesotherapy with the help of a salon treatment machine such as the Viora Infusion. This marvel of high-tech engineering uses electrical currents to deliver a specially formulated serum to the cells in your mesoderm without actually puncturing your skin. You will need a series of treatments, but there should be no pain or inflammation at all. In addition to helping to reduce your orange-peel thighs and bottom, electro-mesotherapy can be used to minimize wrinkles and dry skin on your face, as well as stretch marks and sagging skin all over your body.

Endermologie: Lipomassage by Endermologie is another proven cellulite therapy that’s become popular in the UK in recent years. This treatment, which comes courtesy of our French cousins, uses a pair of motorised rollers combined with suction to smooth your cellulite, reshape your figure and firm your skin. You simply don the special bodysuit, lie down and let your therapist employ the machine’s unique rolling, suctioning and unrolling action to increase your circulation and stimulate your body’s own ability to shift its stores of fat and toxins. Your localised fat and cellulite deposits will start to shrink and you’ll gain a more toned silhouette. As with other salon treatments, you will need to undergo a series of sessions and regular follow-ups, however.

Radio frequency (RF) treatments: The Accent XL and the Viora Reaction provide two of the most widely used professional radio frequency therapies for cellulite reduction and other aesthetic treatments. RF treatment is marketed as a safe, painless and non-invasive way to get into bikini-ready shape, and is particularly popular with celebrities around the world. The two machines work in similar ways: your therapist uses a handheld attachment to send radio waves deep down into multiple layers of your dermis (the Accent XL targets two dermal layers, while the Viora Reaction reaches three. The radio waves cause a controlled heating action in the targeted tissues, which in turn stimulates the production of collagen. Your existing skin fibres are instantly strengthened and your circulation is boosted. As a result, your skin will immediately appear smoother and you’ll see less of the dreaded cellulite than before. Radio frequency therapy really does give you the best of both worlds: on top of the noticeable results you get after just one RF treatment, you’ll also continue to see improvements for several months as new collagen continues to grow. To maximize the benefits of RF therapy even further, most people opt for a series of 6-8 weekly sessions.

VelaSmooth: The VelaSmooth machine delivers a hefty punch to knock your wobbly bits into shape with its combination of four different therapy methods. Officially classified as a medical device, the VelaSmooth employs infrared light to warm your epidermis, and radio frequency waves to penetrate several centimeters below the surface to encourage new collagen production. A pulsating vacuum feature helps increase blood circulation in your connective tissues and makes your skin appear smoother. Lastly, the equipment’s massage rollers mobilise your tissues and encourage the drainage of toxins and excess fluids via your lymphatic system. These four systems can be deployed in different combination to suit your condition precisely. Again, you’ll see quick results, but you’re best off having a series of treatments.

Ionithermie: Another French therapy that’s very popular here in the UK, Ionithermie combines a seaweed body wrap with a toning massage with electrical pads. You start with an exfoliating massage with a paste formulated with beneficial plants such as algae, kelp and ivy. After that you’re wrapped up in fabric, which is then coated with an ionithermic clay mixture. The ionithermic clay conducts heat and stimulates cellular activity, which promotes detoxification and revs up your metabolism. Now it’s time to relax while your therapist fastens electrical pads to the relevant areas, and then let the massaging action and mild electrical current work the plant extracts deep into your skin and underlying tissues. The treatment finishes with another manual massage after the wrap is removed. Thanks to the passive exercise (love that idea!) and plant extracts, each Ionithermie session will leave your skin smoother, your contours firmer and your cellulite less prominent.

These are just a few of the professional cellulite treatments that can really help you get rid of that cottage cheese effect on your thighs, bottom and other problem areas. Some of these therapies, such as Ionothermie, work even better in combination with each other. To get even more benefit from your salon treatments, don’t forget to drink plenty of water, eat lots of fresh fruit and veg, and get some regular exercise. Most of these cellulite-busting treatments are quick (typically half an hour) and painless, making them an ideal – and indeed relaxing – way to spend your lunch break. So, what are you waiting for? Just ask your doctor or beauty therapist to recommend the most suitable cellulite treatment for you today.